Networks benefits

  • Carrier-agnostic approach means you get the right service
  • Wide range of access technologies: broadband, ethernet and 3G
  • High-speed connectivity that’s reliable and resilient
  • A choice of managed or unmanaged services
  • All our services are IPv6 enabled
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The network is coming under increased scrutiny as more businesses take advantage of the cloud to deliver IT and applications. These new requirements placed on enterprise networks mean that network availability and performance is more important than ever.

Range of services capable of growing with your business

Claranet’s wide range of managed and unmanaged networking services meet the demands of any IT environment. We offer a best-of-breed approach to providing you with a networking solution that will grow with your business.

A wide range of services to meet any business need

Our network services are built on our next generation access network with infrastructure that spans UK and Western Europe, full IPv6 readiness and our core MPLS network. Combined with a wide range of last-mile access technologies this enables Claranet to provide a comprehensive portfolio of services to meet the needs of any business today and into the future.

Carrier-agnostic services

Claranet are the largest carrier agnostic network provider in Western Europe. This means we are not constrained by one service provider and can select the most suitable networks providers for your business need, passing on cost savings and providing outstanding service quality.

Whether you are looking for basic connectivity or an integrated network solution built around our powerful MPLS core we design and deliver the optimal solution to meet your business needs

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