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Introducing Claranet Online

We believe our customers should have the freedom to interact with their IT services and Claranet regardless of the time, or their location. We want our customers to have the same high-quality interactions with us, whether it is by phone, email, mobile, online or in person, and whether they’re in the office or on the move.

We continually work to improve everything we do and we are pleased to announce that Claranet Online, your new customer portal, is now live.

What is Claranet Online?

Claranet Online is an all new platform that breaks from traditional web design for amore tailored, more relevant portal experience and faster access to the information you need. Features from your old Claranet portal have been carried over to Claranet Online but now they’re quicker and more intuitive than ever. Claranet Online also includes a new Service Desk module that makes ticketing quick and easy, giving you more control over your support tickets and change requests.

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Simply call 01452 631240 to register

Claranet Online is now available for all new customers and existing Claranet UK customer portal users. Over the coming weeks, the existing Claranet UK portal will be retired, so please call us to get started with the new Claranet Online as soon as you can.

You will speak to our Claranet Online registration team and the process will only take 2 minutes of your time. After your call, you will receive an email with details of how to secure your access and add further users as required.

MyStar users

Please continue to use MyStar in the normal way. You will have access to Claranet Online in the coming months. We will be in touch ahead of time, with instructions on how to get started.