U-Net Customers

To reduce unnecessary administration, Claranet Ltd is working to consolidate all subsidiaries (U-Net and Netscalibur), this will allow Claranet to cut down on support systems and provide customers with a much swifter and streamlined service.

Former U-Net Portals

Connection Information

Although Netscalibur, U-Net are now unified you will still need use some specific configuration options when setting up your internet and email settings.

Telephone Numbers
Connection Number: 0845 079 2102
Static IP: 0845 079 2101
ISDN Dial up: 0845 079 2103
International Connection Number: +44 207 197 1794
Email Server Names
Popmail Server Name (Incoming): mail.uk.vianw.net (mail.u-net.com)
Mailserver (Outgoing): send.mail.uk.vianw.net
DNS Servers
Primary DNS Server:
Secondary DNS Server: