Claranet launch new range of self-install ADSL products

Claranet, the UK's largest independent Internet Service Provider, has launched its new Self-Install ADSL products. The new range of ADSL packages has a number of advantages over traditional ADSL packages. Customers are given the opportunity of installing whichever router or modem they wish, providing them with the freedom to choose how to set up and use their broadband connection. Consequently, there is no longer any need for an engineer to visit the customers' premises, saving time in the installation process.

The new ClaraDSL Self-Install packages are more cost effective, with cheaper installation charges, and a shorter lead-time - usually up to 5 days from ordering the ADSL line. There is also a flexible contract period, in comparison to the fixed 12-month period for the standard ADSL packages.

Nick Wells, the company's marketing director said:

The introduction of the ClaraDSL Self-Install products represents a major step forward in the development of ADSL in the UK, overcoming some of the barriers to the take up of broadband.

Claranet provides an ADSL enabled line to the customer's premises that is terminated on a standard BT PSTN master socket. The customer installs whichever router of modem they desire to the wall socket instead of the current BT provided kit. A two-way splitter or micro-filter (also available from Claranet) is plugged into the BT phone socket connected to the telephony system in order to split voice services from the ADSL service. Plugging additional micro-filters into every BT phone socket can enable multiple sockets.

Running alongside the company's existing ADSL portfolio, the new ClaraDSL Self-Install products are available with a choice of three download speeds - up to 512Kbps, 1024Kbps and 2048Kbps.

Prices start at £39.99 +VAT per month for the USB package ClaraDSL Solo Self-Install. This has a contention ratio of 50:1 and is recommended for use with a single pc. The remaining packages have contention ratios of 20:1 and are recommended for use with 1-5, 5-10 and 10-15 machines respectively.

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