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Claranet: helping our customers do amazing things

Customer-facing applications are the lifeblood of your business.

That's why we designed our Managed Hosting services to free our customers to innovate. To empower them to achieve amazing things.

Take a look at the very real difference a hosting partner can make and imagine the possibilities for your business.

Think the cloud isn’t up to hosting critical apps yet?

We can change your mind.

Watch the Institute of Chartered Accountants for England and Wales discuss the amazing performance and user satisfaction they've achieved with Claranet Managed Hosting.

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What do you do when every business is a software business?

Competing effectively and even making waves in new markets relies on every business being able to create, test and run new applications, cost-effectively, at lightning speed.

And that includes you. Take a look at our infographic How to survive the software revolution to see why so many companies are turning to Managed Hosting.

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Dev Ops image

Want to survive the software revolution but don't know how to implement DevOps in your business?

Even the smallest change in IT needs to be well thought through, let alone a whole new approach to software development.

DevOps is creating quite a stir, allowing organisations of all kinds to create, test and evolve applications with maximum speed and minimal risk.

Get our eBook Your journey to DevOps: A guide to deploying code faster and at lower risk to make your DevOps journey painless, swift and successful.

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Now it's time to build that killer application

In a world in which businesses are more reliant on IT than ever, your digital strategy and the applications that underpin it are swiftly becoming the front-line of your business.

In order to win, your customer facing applications now need to be better than everyone else’s.

Find out how to set yourself up for success with this at-a-glance guide to building successful customer facing applications.

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Virtual Data Centre: test drive

Free VDC trial

Take your first step towards the cloud with a free virtual data centre trial!

Our VDC enables users to build their own data centre in the cloud and provision it with compute, storage and networking resources with a few clicks of a mouse.

It features full integration with Claranet’s European MPLS network, a ground-breaking software orchestration layer which makes it compatible with every type of hypervisor, and a portal-based “drag-and-drop” interface.

Request a trial to find out how Claranet can free up your IT team to innovate.

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Amazing customer stories

Five guarantee a resilient user experience for Big Brother audience

Discover how our hybrid cloud rose the challenge of huge surges in traffic to deliver an amazing user experience

See the Channel 5 case study

Amnesty accelerates responsiveness with Claranet Private Cloud

Find out how Amnesty’s ability to organise quickly in response to human rights issues has been transformed with Claranet

See the Amnesty case study

Peugeot drives its website forwards with Claranet hosting

Discover how we helped accelerate Peugeot’s web performance – including its essential test drive booking app – and what this has meant for car sales

See the Peugeot case study


Claranet designed a fully managed Hosting solution that allowed Unicef to streamline their IT management – letting them dedicate more time to campaigning.

See the UNICEF case study

Your network does more for your business than just join the dots.

It is the golden thread that weaves together your key business elements.

But complexity is holding companies back. Our networks expertise can help you do amazing things.

How does River Island deliver a seamless digital experience to their customers?

With their existing networks overloaded, River Island wanted to update their infrastructure to ensure a flawless experience across both devices and retail stores.

Find our how Claranet Managed Networks rose to the challenge.

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Claranet have been delivering networking expertise for 20 years

In that time networks have revolutionised the way we work.

From the days of the 28.8k modem to the always-on world of global connectivity in which we live today, networks have always been the foundation of digital business.

They bring the right people, businesses and data together. Coordinating them perfectly for mutual gain.

Find out how we got to where we are today with our infographic: 20 Years of Networks: from dial-up to the 24x7 digital business.

Open the infographic

20 years of networks Claranet infographic.png

A traditional approach to network infrastructure is a bottleneck to business growth


Because your network needs to become as agile and flexible as the cloud has made compute and storage.

The good news is that this is just around the corner.

Read our new eBook The future of networks: how software will drive the next wave of growth to find out how software can open you up to new avenues of innovation.

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Why choose Claranet for networks?

Ensuring the performance of your critical applications.

Discover the power of Claranet’s pan-European network, with advanced quality of service (QoS) features.

Having the right network capabilities is absolutely essential to the success of your operations.

And QoS means that your business critical applications can be prioritised to ensure that they are always running optimally.

Learn more about Claranet Managed Networks

Amazing customer stories

Circle uses MPLS networks to deliver affordable housing

Discover how we consolidated over 200 sites to improve security and resilience whilst minimising risk

See the Circle Housing case study

Harvey Nichols rely on Claranet to help grow their luxury store

Harvey Nichols chose Claranet to provide secure and reliable managed networking infrastructure and data centre services, via our PCI DSS compliant facilities

See the Harvey Nichols study

LED improves employee and customer satisfaction

LED asked Claranet to keep its employees connected securely to critical data and applications, and create a solid foundation for future projects and expansion

See the LED case study

Priory Group conserves patient confidentiality with Claranet's help

With Claranet's solution, the Priory Group have improved efficiency and cost effectiveness by saving resources and easing management issues

See the Priory Group case study

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