Before considering a unified communications project ask yourself these 3 questions

I heard a statistic from a leading vendor last week that said 80% of all unified communications projects fail. As someone who tries to help organisations truly embrace the transformational opportunity that exists with UC I was shocked by this statistic.

The biggest problem I see for those 80% of UC projects is that it is seen as a technology initiative. It isn't. Technology is of course key, but a successful unified communications project must consider so much more than infrastructure, servers and software.

To ensure your project is truly transformational you must look outside the technology and at how this project will and should affect people, process and communication. I believe many projects fail before they start, but asking some very basic questions can avert this:

  • What do your people need to be as effective as they can be?
  • What are the core processes that allow your customer to flow from being a prospect to paying advocate of products or services?
  • How can we, as group of individuals, communicate more effectively?

These questions allow you to focus on the business outcome, an outcome that is far more important than the technology. If your technology partner is not focused on helping you understand your business outcome, they are helping you fail.

In order for your UC investment to be truly transformational there needs to be a close working relationship between technology partner, customer and subsequent users. With these relationships in place a deeper understanding of your required outcomes can enable you to successfully implement UC and deliver real change that enables your business to meet its goals.

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