Newsflash: cloud computing averts snowmageddon!

Newsflash: cloud computing averts snowmageddon!

With the festive period all but upon us, many people will be putting plans in place between now and the New Year. But the best laid plans can change when our weather and transport infrastructure combine to create: the perfect storm…

The Daily Express and other quality publications have predicted 100 days of snow, which could have a very detrimental effect on the British economy.

However, even if you can’t get into the office this perfect storm shouldn’t affect your IT infrastructure and your ability to work.

Smart businesses will be able to rest easy when blizzards are blowing as they will have deployed VPN connections for remote workers. Put simply, this is an extension of your corporate network allowing users to send and receive data as if they’re locally connected to the private network.

This means that their users don’t necessarily need to be in the office to carry on working as normal, in spite of extreme weather conditions and the associated disruption or indeed, being on the move as part of your Christmas and New Year travels.

Extreme weather can also result in localised flooding. Again some kind of contingency must be put in place for a situation like this. Moving the server environment from a traditional on-premise model to hosting off-site in a secure data centre which is both secure in itself and able to transfer data to other secure sites at a moment’s notice is a vital part of any company’s disaster recovery plan.

While it is possible for some companies to commit the resources to maintaining VPNs and secure backup sites in-house, often the cost and the hassle of having to manage and update these facilities is too much, leading to these plans not being implemented or being poorly maintained.

This is where a managed services provider comes in. Organisations across the UK and Europe rely on Claranet to handle their business’s infrastructure so they can focus on their core strategic goals.

So if 100 days of snow, localised floods or any other apocalyptic situation occurs this Christmas, business users with a managed service provider can relax knowing their business won't be suffering.

Written by Jamie Butler - Internal Account Manager

Jamie has worked with mid-market UK organisations over the past four years identifying opportunities for businesses to use cloud to become more agile, minimise risk and efficiently deliver new services. He uses his expertise to advise customers on a broad range of solutions but is predominantly interested in the dedicated hosting of mission critical applications.