Claranet Research Report 2014 reveals change in cloud adoption

Having recently released the latest edition of our yearly Claranet Research Report, our third, I wanted to look back at its history and address some of the changes in attitudes that have occurred in that time.

We set up the Claranet Research Programme in 2011, shortly after I joined the company, with the aim of exploring the ways that IT leaders were configuring their technology in light of the rise of cloud.

At the time, cloud, in various forms, was positioned in the ‘Peak of Inflated Expectations’ in Gartner’s hype cycle. It was clear cloud was on the cusp of mainstream adoption, so we felt it made sense to begin a programme that monitored this changing approach to the consumption of IT, and tried to make sense of individual businesses’ strategic decisions.

Many of the findings we uncovered in our first report demonstrated a degree of scepticism toward cloud. The 300 IT leaders we interviewed could see the theoretical benefits of cloud technology but adoption was tempered by fears around cloud’s less understood characteristics. Just 54 per cent of businesses were using some form of cloud in 2011. By the 2013 survey this figure had grown to 74 per cent.

This increase in adoption can largely be attributed to changing attitudes towards cloud’s perceived risk. In 2011 the prevailing attitude was that cloud posed more of a risk than traditional on-premises IT. Fast forward a few years to the 2013 survey and there was a 23 per cent swing, with 69 per cent saying they saw cloud as safer or as safe as traditional on-premises IT. It is quite easy to correlate the 20 per cent change in cloud adoption with the 23 per cent swing in those who believe cloud is less of a security risk than on-premises IT.

Of course attitudes toward security and risk fundamentally affect business’ rates of cloud adoption but there are also other drivers. Factors such as experiences using cloud technology, the size of the business, the type of the industry and the application function all play a part in increasing trust and adoption of cloud. To find out more about the ways these factors impact cloud adoption and what the right approach is for your business, download the report.

Written by Richard Moore - Head of Marketing

Richard is an influencer and an innovator who draws on professional and personal experience, market knowledge and instinct to generate ideas, go-to-market strategies and new constructs. A digital native and social media enthusiast - Richard is fascinated by the convergence of the interdependent trends of social media, mobility, cloud, and their ramifications for the marketing and media industries. You can add to Richard's Klout by following him on twitter @richard_jm