Give your network a sporting chance this summer

Give your network a sporting chance this summer

This summer sees a number of high profile sporting events taking place, from the Fifa World Cup which kicks off in just under a month, to Wimbledon, right the way through to the Ryder Cup in September. While there are those who follow sport keenly every summer, the World Cup is an event that draws in football fans and non-football fans alike, and that means more people trying to stream and keep up to date with every goal, dribble, and moment of drama.

We’ve seen a number of requests from organisations bracing themselves for the impact this will no doubt have on their network, with many IT departments facing up to the inevitable fact that many of their users will (often against corporate IT policy) be using services like Sky Go and BBC iPlayer across multiple devices to keep up to the minute on their favourite sports.

So how do you ensure that this extra traffic doesn’t end up slowing your mission critical applications and processes down?

We are increasing the bandwidth of existing dedicated Ethernet circuits for some of our customers. This might seem a little over the top, but as these customers understand the impact of inadequate network bandwidth, even over a short period, it is really quite a prudent action. Even once this summer of sport ends, the extra bandwidth will undoubtedly be used more and more as networks continue on their trajectory of bearing more and more data. Additionally, by testing their network's increased capability in the summer months, while there is an increase in non-business data, there is the opportunity to get an idea of how well the network is working in a period of high usage, with not so much at stake for the business should there be an issue.

Another way we have been counteracting potential issues this summer is through the installation of additional circuits at existing sites. One customer who already has a leased line from Claranet requested the installation of an FTTC circuit to help balance the load across the network. After the summer’s sporting spectacles have finished, they plan to convert this into a backup line for resilience purposes.

On the other hand, there is no need for our media provider customers to worry, even though they will be expecting more traffic on their sites and applications than normal because of all the upcoming sport. They don’t need to buy up masses of servers, or over provision way in advance, or worry about their site crashing because of high demand. Claranet’s flexible VDC platform allows them to elastically provision more processing resource in periods of high demand, and we can even manage this process if required.

So, regardless of how your business intends to navigate a summer full of sport, Claranet can help ensure your IT infrastructure doesn’t score an own goal.

Written by Jamie Butler - Internal Account Manager

Jamie has worked with mid-market UK organisations over the past four years identifying opportunities for businesses to use cloud to become more agile, minimise risk and efficiently deliver new services. He uses his expertise to advise customers on a broad range of solutions but is predominantly interested in the dedicated hosting of mission critical applications.