Why independent software vendors should consider a SaaS model managed by a managed services provider

Software-as-a-service, the process of delivering and accessing applications through the web has become the defacto method of software deployment.

End users want to access software on any device, anytime and anywhere. Independent software vendors want to be able to move toward a cloud based service model to meet customer demand, stay competitive and introduce recurring revenue streams.

The problem then is working out who should support the delivery of your software. At the outset there appears to be two options: either manage it in-house – requiring extra resource and expertise you may not possess– or work with a hosting or managed services provider.

In reality there may however be three options. Hosting providers only cover one part of the picture, the end platform, what they are not able to do is manage the application experience from the data centre to the end user’s device. This leads to a grey area where nobody is taking overall control for the application’s successful delivery. If there is an issue where performance is impacted or downtime occurs, this can turn into a finger pointing exercise between the host, the network provider, end users, and the software provider, as they seek to apportion blame on each other.

Managed services providers can provide the end-to-end infrastructure and management expertise to most effectively deliver your application. However, not all managed services providers are equal, and working with less evolved providers who don’t take the time to understand your business goals can lead to damage to your brand and revenue.

So what to look for in a managed services provider?

You need to work with a managed services provider who will take the time to understand your business, your customers and the ways that your applications function.

Working with your team, they will be able to design solutions that suit the specific needs of your application and your business objectives. In return you will get a flexible, stable and scalable environment and partnership that will grow with your business.

It is highly important you carry out your due diligence to make sure you are choosing the right provider, and once you have decided you should look to work with them as a trusted partner who can support you in the long-term, helping you develop a roadmap to reflect your evolving needs.

Ultimately, if you make the right decision, your applications are delivered as you would want to access them, leaving you to focus on developing great software, without the pressure of managing complex infrastructure.

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Written by Paul Rourke - Partner Sales Manager

Paul has a wealth of experience in the IT and Telecommunications sector. His experience spans over 12 years, 8 of which have been spent working on assisting Claranet's channel partners grow their business by providing expert advice on managed networking, hosting and managed application services. Paul is passionate about technology and how it can benefit the businesses of our partners. You can follow Paul on @paul_rourke_

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