Continual performance analysis

Continual performance improvement is in our DNA

Cloud Computing brings with it the ability to dynamically scale your environment - but how do you know which part of infrastructure you need to scale? Where are the limits to your performance? How are the changes you are making impacting your users?

Claranet can help you achieve your performance objectives and continually monitor the impact changes have on application performance. Because our team consists of 'Full Stack Engineers', we have a deep understanding of the impact throughout the stack, from SQL query analysis, to the operating system scheduler, to TCP overhead.

Continual performance analysis

  • We always build with the run in mind
  • Our site reliability engineers work closely with your team
  • Pioneers in Public Cloud automation

Claranet have proved AWS is the perfect infrastructure platform for our e-commerce store, providing a speedy and reliable shopping experience for the LFC fan."

David Gorman
E-Commerce Manager, Liverpool Football Club

What are your performance goals?

We start by understanding your performance goals. Here are some examples:

  • Need to support an increased number of users?
  • Need to reduce the average time taken for each request
  • Need to make the experience for each individual user as quick as possible?
  • Need to speed up the slowest requests?

All of the above can reasonably be said to be improving performance, but would involve concentrating on improving different aspects of the infrastructure or site code - sometimes with negative impact on other performance goals.

Continual performance analysis

Once we've identified your goals, we will find the bottlenecks holding back your performance, and work with you to optimise your infrastructure and code to meet your needs.
Some typical actions we might undertake as part of this process would be:

  • Tracing user actions throughout the stack, to understand where time is being spent
  • Collecting metrics throughout the system to pin-point bottlenecks
  • Performing SQL/no-SQL query analysis and index use, and suggesting improvements

Creating a performance culture

As well as one-off work, we can help you and your development team adopt a 'performance culture', where system performance is visible and better understood by all. With a range of data gathering techniques, and dashboards to provide easily understood, real-time details to all.

Load modelling and ‘stress testing’ your environments

Often, it's important to understand not so much what the performance of the system is now, but what it will be for a forthcoming event - perhaps peak sales before Christmas, a TV advertising campaign or a sporting event.

Claranet provide a full range of services to accurately model load and 'stress test' environments against realistic traffic, giving you the confidence you need for your website or service's key delivery period.

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