Cloud strategy and consulting

For every phase of your cloud journey

Competitive Edge is Claranet’s modular professional services framework for delivering professional services, that gives you what you need, when you need it. Whether you are investigating cloud strategy options at an early stage or starting a new project or programme, our cloud consulting will cater for every phase of your cloud journey, wherever you currently are.

World-leading cloud transformation expertise and experience

Claranet is one of only five companies in the world that hold the highest audited
certifications from the top three hyperscalers AWS, Google and Microsoft. We are
the only company that in addition has 20+ years network and cybersecurity capability.

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Your cloud journey. Our 4-phase proven process.


Gain insight into the current state of your infrastructure and view how applications and services are delivered to the user community through your existing digital delivery methods.

Each module has clearly defined objectives and deliverables, ensuring visibility and tangible measurable points to ensure all parties remain informed. This ensures valuable insights are shared early, expectations remain aligned and assertions challenged if necessary.

Typical deliverables: Audit data output files, audit summary reports, dependency mapping report, vulnerability scan report, contractual alignment report.


  • Data Centre Audit
  • Infrastructure Audit
  • Storage and Data Protection Audit
  • Application Stack Discovery and Dependency Mapping
  • Security Audit
  • Maintenance Liability and Contractual Alignment


Identify how people, process and technology are performing and pinpoint where there are constraints in resource utilisation and service delivery that need to be addressed

Typical deliverables: Business services performance report, service analysis report, candidate platform report, business process and application mapping diagram.


  • Business Service Performance
  • Service Analysis
  • Candidate Platform Analysis
  • Business Process and Application Analysis


Model the future state considering different architectures; the systems that continue to drive business insight through monitoring, reporting and business intelligence; and a migration process sensitive to timescales and required risk mitigation.

Typical deliverables: Service assessment data output file, service alignment report, platform cost model, high level design(s), secure-by-design summary report, business case document.


  • Define Service Assessment Framework
  • Platform Cost Modelling
  • High-Level Design
  • Secure-by-Design Review
  • Business Case


Execute the strategy defined during the Architect phase of this process validated by the insight derived from the discovery and analysis phases.

Typical deliverables: Statement of work, low level design document, project initiation session, workload test plan workshop, migration and implementation.


  • Statement of Work
  • Low Level Design
  • Migration