Web Acceleration and DoS Protection

Accelerate and protect your business

Web Acceleration and DoS Protection is a service for businesses who would like to get the most out of their web application. The service enhances the performance, security and availability of an application through the use of a number of Europe-wide delivery nodes and state-of-the-art, intelligent DoS mitigation.

Why choose Claranet for Web Acceleration and DoS Protection?

  • Improve the customer experience of your web applications
  • Expert advice included
  • UK support 24x7x365 included
  • Flexible options to match your need

Why choose Claranet for Hosting services?

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Your journey to DevOps

Your journey to DevOps

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Improving your web application performance, security and availability

Web acceleration and DoS protection diagram

Web Acceleration and DoS Protection overview

  • Delivers content faster than if it had originated directly from the web servers, improving user experience
  • Reduces latencies and increases application speed and performance
  • Delivers static and dynamic reusable content if the web servers are down
  • Mitigates denial of service attacks, allowing legitimate traffic through and keeping you online
  • Delivered from the Claranet core platform and requires no hardware or software installation
  • Geographic distribution with multiple European wide delivery nodes - 99.99% service level
  • 24x7x365 UK support with proactive monitoring


  • Configurable specifically to the customer's web application

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How we work with you


Our experts can advise you on our Web Acceleration and DoS Protection options


Working with Claranet removes the burden of project managing and carrying out the installation of your Web Acceleration and DoS Protection service yourself, saving you time.


We take care of the ongoing 24x7 management and monitoring of the Web Acceleration and DoS Protection platform. However, you retain the control you need with access to around the clock UK support.


We work with you to ensure your service continually meets your needs.

Web Acceleration and DoS Protection business benefits

Business Benefits of availability resilience and reliability


Increased resilience and improved web site up time

Business Benefit of security protection


Protects your web application from current and upcoming security issues and attacks

Business Benefits of performance


Improves web application page load speeds and user experience, while reducing server load

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  • How do you stop DDoS attacks?

    Claranet have developed a Europe-wide delivery network and invested in industry leading technology to deal with a wide range of DoS attacks. The platform uses a number of approaches to ensure your customers can still receive service and you stay on-line.

  • How do you improve web site performance and user experience?

    Claranet have developed a Europe-wide delivery network and has invested in industry leading technology with tools to improve the performance of websites. The platform uses a number of approaches including caching of static and dynamic content and streamlining of http and https traffic to accelerate website performance.

  • How can you prevent DDoS attacks?

    Web Acceleration and DoS Protection from Claranet uses a host of tools to protect a customer's application from attacks ranging from layer 3 (volumetric) to layer 7 (application) attacks. Our intelligent DoS mitigation system monitors the network for traffic that is synonymous with attacks to prevent them before they can cause an issue, meaning customers can continue delivering content to their end-users completely undisturbed.