Cloud Services

Why choose Claranet for cloud services?

Cloud services and in particular Claranet managed services can unlock your business potential and put you on the front foot. Here are 5 reasons to choose Claranet for cloud enabled managed services:

  • 1. Leverage our cloud platform to innovate
  • Free up your team to focus on driving new projects faster. Claranet enable you to move significant portions of your low value IT tasks, giving you back the time to concentrate on helping your business differentiate from your competition. Leveraging our cloud services gives you the opportunity to try more things, test and learn, at lower risk than ever before.
  • 2. Improve security and business continuity
  • Keeping up with pace of change in the threat landscape is now considerably more challenging. Our cloud security experts and “built-in security” approach help ease this burden and give you peace of mind that you are protected.
  • 3. Do more, faster
  • We know you are continually challenged by the sheer number of projects that you have to manage. Cloud enabled Managed Services from Claranet can help you do more projects faster. We help you get quick wins now while working with you to plan your roadmap for the future.
  • 4. Use our experts, to free up yours
  • At Claranet we continiually invest to make sure we have the right mix of people and expertise to serve your business now and in the future.
  • 5. Manage costs more effectively
  • All Claranet cloud services are “pay per month” with some services in a “pay per user per month” model. Through this approach we help you budget more effectively and get clearer visibility of your IT costs. Cloud services free you from the constant upgrade lifecycle and reduce “spikey” capex spending while giving you the ability to scale to meet demands.

Cloud platforms at Claranet

Shared cloud platforms

Shared or Multi-tenant cloud platforms provide you with a highly standardised cloud service. Many customers share a common cloud infrastructure, and in some cases application, that has been optimised by Claranet working in close partnership with the worlds largest technology vendors.

You benefit from the economies of scale we achieve while also getting the level of service and expertise you require in the UK. We also layer our managed service over standard services from global technology vendors such as Symantec and Amazon.

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Dedicated cloud platforms

Dedicated cloud platforms provide you with a standardised cloud service with more flexibility than a shared cloud platform. Dedicated cloud platforms are often used when customers require greater management or integration flexibility or the number of users of a service means a lower relative cost can be achieved.

Although some elements of the cloud infrastructure may be shared your service will provide dedicated resources just for your business with a high degree of tailoring to your requirements. Like the shared cloud platform, you benefit from the economies of scale we achieve while also getting the level of service and expertise you require in the UK.

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