Kubernetes and Containerisation Workshop

Learn to do more, faster, with containerised applications

You need to be putting new features in the hands of your customers earlier, learning and continually improving the customer experience. The new generation of data-intensive dynamic applications and services require finely-tuned infrastructure, and this is where Kubernetes fits in.

Claranet is the highest accredited Multi-Cloud provider worldwide, and is a founding member of the Kubernetes Certified Services Provider (KCSP) programme. The KCSP programme provides a vetted tier of service providers who have deep experience helping enterprises successfully adopt Kubernetes to roll out applications more quickly. Find out more about Kubernetes and Claranet’s expertise.

What to expect:

  • Understand the business benefits of containerisation
  • Learn the fundamentals of Kubernetes
  • Get hands on deployment experience
  • Have Kubernetes experts on hand to support

The experts in Multi-Cloud and Kubernetes

As part of our commitment to Kubernetes, we’re offering free workshops to help the community get more experience around containerisation in a structured and supportive environment.

There are two levels of workshop we offer depending on your job function and previous experience with containerisation and Kubernetes. The foundation workshop is split into two parts.

Part 1: Docker & Containerisation

In the morning session, we’ll talk about the fundamentals of containerisation and Docker. We’ll explain how they work and why you should be interested in them, before moving into a hands-on lab deploying a web application into Docker.

Part 2 : Kubernetes

The afternoon is all about orchestrating with Kubernetes and how it makes infrastructure management so easy. You’ll spin up a cluster in a cloud provider and deploy your earlier web app to it. We’ll look at scaling, load balancing, and even try to fit in a basic blue/green deployment.

The advanced workshop assumes prior knowledge of containerisation and Docker. It looks into deployment of more complex services and goes into more detail around the Kubernetes functionality. The day is less structured, so it’s a great opportunity to bring your Kubernetes queries to our Kubernetes experts.