Security Compliance powered by Sec-1

Meet your compliance requirements with a fully accredited security partner

Keeping organisations secure in this increasingly digital world has never been tougher. The fast-paced demands of customers put ever increasing pressure on organisations to prevent, stop threats and data breaches, meet regulatory compliance and govern their operations more efficiently.

An active security programme is important, however, without solid governance you’re at significant risk of being breached. This could result in expensive fines, increased audits and brand damage.

Mitigate risks, stay safe and stay secure

  • Identify exploitable security threats
  • Identify and classify vulnerability levels
  • Apply patches and allocate security resources
  • Avoid the cost associated with network downtime
  • Identify and address risks before security breaches occur
  • ISO 27001, Data Protection and GDPR - avoid hefty fines
  • Justify security investments - evaluate the effectiveness of existing security products

Why choose Sec-1 for security compliance?

Sec-1, a Claranet Group Company, offer an extensive range of Security Compliance services:

  • CHECK ‘Green light’ accredited
  • CREST accredited (Infrastructure & Web Applications)
  • Cyber Essentials/ Cyber Essentials+
  • PCI DSS approved scanning vendor
    • Secure your network, protect sensitive cardholder information, and achieve PCI compliance
  • PCI qualified assessor (QSA)
    • Accredited PCI Report on Compliance (RoC) Audits.
    • Gap analysis assessments.
    • PCI Penetration testing and application assessments
  • IT Health check
  • Solutions tailored to meet the needs of specific sectors, types of organisations, and compliance standards.