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Gain the most value from your cloud adoption journey by migrating with Claranet’s team of experts.

Our proven approach has been refined over ten years, performing a wide range of multi-cloud migrations

Typical migration scenarios

Migrate to the cloud

On-premise data centre to a cloud platform

Migrate to the cloud

On-premise data centre to a private cloud platform

Migrate to the cloud

Moving data and applications from one cloud platform provider to another

Your cloud migration

Taking a multi-phased approach

Claranet’s migration process is a multi-phased approach, building a foundational infrastructure and operating model to support both small and large-scale migrations.

Cloud migration, tailored for you

Take advantage of proven approaches

Using local specialist experts, we are able to provide tailored migration strategies and capabilities to ensure the lowest risk for your critical applications.

One size doesn’t fit all applications

Doing what is right for each application

By understanding your applications as well as the infrastructure, we are able to ensure we introduce application modernisation, where required, so that your migration is not only successful but empowering.

Getting ready for a cloud migration

Migration to the cloud is much more than just a transition of applications and data. Every migration needs to be considered carefully with a deep understanding of business objectives.

Your cloud journey. Our proven four-stage process.

Competitive Edge is Claranet’s modular professional services framework. Whether you are investigating options at an early stage or starting a new project or programme, we cater for every phase of your cloud journey, wherever you currently are, through:

  • Discovery and assessment
  • Architecture and high-level design
  • Application workload transformation
  • Data centre transformation

Competitive edge

Competitive edge framework

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