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Penetration testing

Web, mobile, and infrastructure penetration testing services, approved by CREST. Find the security issues in your rapidly changing world - before others do.

Advanced cybersecurity penetration testing by industry certified experts

Why you might need it

Hackers are always finding new or more sophisticated ways to access data and compromise systems, and the tools they use are widely available. Regular penetration testing is a core part of your security strategy, and our experts will work with you to define the testing you need. From a basic application or network test, to a full red team exercise, we will identify the vulnerabilities in your systems, and advise on how to fix them, before you get compromised.

Why Claranet

As one of the UK's leading cybersecurity companies with over 60+ penetration testers, and 20+ years of experience, our Penetration Testing and Continuous Security Testing services ensure that all areas of your defences, including your staff, are an effective line of protection for your business.

Our penetration testers have experience in handling complex, large-scale vulnerability assessments across a wide range of industry sectors. Claranet Cyber Security is a CHECK accredited partner and a founding member of CREST.

Penetration Testing

What we do

Our team will perform a highly realistic simulation of a cyber attack, discovering weaknesses in your security whilst ensuring the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of your systems and the data they hold.

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Getting Started

Getting started

Working with us is simple and straightforward and starts with agreeing a scoping document which will outline exactly what needs to be tested. We work collaboratively with your own IT teams to ensure that we scope the right type of attack simulation for you.

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Continous security testing

Continuous Security Testing

We’ve developed a new alternative to traditional penetration testing that’s ideal for rapidly changing applications or large application estates. Learn how we can help.

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What we do

How it works

Our penetration testers will identify vulnerabilities in your systems and in your environment. We understand that penetration testing is a partnership and a team effort so we have a clear and thorough reporting system that will notify you of these vulnerabilities quickly. You can then take steps to remediate them before they can be exploited by a potential hacker.

Key benefits

  • We will select the right type of attack simulation

  • Identify vulnerabilities within your systems: we can test anything from your website to social engineering and everything in between

  • Professional expertise in evaluating the results and advice on how to remediate the vulnerability

  • Comprehensive and understandable reporting

Getting Started

Accurate scoping is important

We will work with you to complete a Scoping Document so that we can provide costings and a full proposal. It will identify the goals for the assessment and specify the locations as well as any start and end times that you require. It will define the systems we agree to test. For example, testing may cover all your main systems or just focus on critical areas. It will also clarify the level of access we may require. Our experts will work in close partnership with you to discuss your needs with and help suggest the right approach. Once completed, we will provide a full proposal for your consideration.

What we can test

We have the skills to test a wide variety of the ways attackers can impact your business, including:

  • Web and mobile applications

  • Network infrastructure

  • Wireless networks

  • Routers, switches, laptops, and workstations

  • People and processes (social engineering)

  • Full "red team" assessments

Effective reporting is critical

Once testing is complete, a full report is produced which is comprehensive and easy to understand. This will pass through a Quality Assurance process and then sent directly to you. The report includes:

  • Executive summary providing a high level summary in context
  • Graphical summary showing the number of high, medium, and low rated vulnerabilities measured against risk categories or impact and probability
  • Overview of vulnerabilities concentrating on high and medium vulnerabilities and any low vulnerabilities if they prove indicative of a more serious issue
  • Technical analysis in order of risk, detailing the exploitation path, proof of existence, and remediation recommendation

PT Infrastructure


To highlight where vulnerabilities exist in your computer systems that could provide unauthorised access

PT Web

Web applications

Available 24x7 and full of sensitive data, web applications present a tempting target for hackers

PT Mobile


With the huge proliferation of mobile applications comes the need for robust security testing

IT Health check

IT Health check

Demystify Public Services Network (PSN) compliance with our specialist solutions for public sector organisations. Our IT health check incorporates an effective methodology that balances automated and manual testing.

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Red Team

Red Teaming

A Red Team exercise is an all-out attempt to achieve the defined objectives by any methods available. This usually includes internal and external penetration testing, compromising wireless networks, physical access, and other social engineering techniques.

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Social Engineering

Social Engineering

A social engineering assessment from Claranet Cyber Security allows you to see how susceptible your staff might be when presented with an attempt by an attacker to trick them into providing access or sensitive data.

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Our accreditations

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ISO 27001
CEH Accreditation
CCISO Accreditation
CISSP Accreditation
CRISC Accreditation
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