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With today’s increasing cyber threats, testing your application and infrastructure is critical. But vulnerabilities aren’t just in your systems!

Penetration testing, as part of a holistic approach to cyber security, is a proactive approach that protects organisational revenues that are proven to be impacted by poor cyber security.

Why choose Claranet as your penetration testing and cybersecurity partner?

10,000+ days of testing

1,555 individual pen tests

Pen tests carried out for over 400 customers

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Our Pen Testing Portfolio

  • Web Application
  • Infrastructure
  • Mobile
  • Continuous
  • Red Teaming
  • Social Engineering
  • Code Review
  • Cloud Security
Web application penetration testing

Web application penetration testing

Personal approach and in‑depth knowledge

Available to hackers 24x7 and brim-full of data, web applications present a tempting target for hackers. We provide clear reports with steps to reproduce vulnerabilities, exploitation probability and actionable recommendations.

Infrastructure penetration testing

Infrastructure penetration testing

Don’t give a hacker an opportunity

Hackers will be looking for ways of entry into your network, and when they are in, ways to access sensitive data. Testing your network and security infrastructure is key.

Mobile application penetration testing

Mobile application penetration testing

Checking your app is coded securely

With the huge proliferation of mobile applications comes the need for robust security testing. We identify vulnerabilities and validate that the application is secure.

Continuous Security Testing

Continuous Security Testing

Combining industry-leading application-scanning technology and the expertise of senior penetration testers

Gain insight into vulnerabilities significantly faster than through traditional penetration testing with vulnerability notifications as new high-impact issues arise.

Red Team exercises

Red Teaming

A Red Team exercise is an all-out attempt to achieve the defined objectives by any methods available

This usually includes assessments with specific objectives in mind in order to simulate tactics, techniques and procedures used by real world adversaries.

Social Engineering

Social Engineering

Your best defensive strategy against social engineering is to raise employee security awareness and to educate on good practices

Typical Social engineering engagements include managing phishing campaigns, testing physical entry procedures, baiting and watering hole attacks to ensure you are maximising the protection within your organisation.

Code Review

Code Review

Spot issues in your code before they are found in production

In depth security review of your source code by using a combination of manual and automated checks to look for security flaws and insecure coding practices inside the source code which can lead to serious security risks.

Code Review

Cloud Security

Make sure your cloud transformation is a secure one

Test applications and infrastructure hosted in public cloud environments, including security assessments of cloud environment configurations.

Cyber essentials
OSCE Accreditation
OSCP Accreditation

Free Security Awareness Training with every penetration test purchase

Course schedule

Safer browsing and Email

  • Phishing scenarios
  • Attacker aims
  • High profile data breaches

Social media footprinting

  • Open Source intelligence gathering
  • How hackers use social media
  • Breakdown of a social engineering attack

Password reuse

  • Strong and weak passwords
  • Password reuse
  • Password managers

Public Wi-Fi

  • Insecure wireless & VPN
  • How hackers target WiFI
  • When to use 4G

Mobile device security

  • Keeping it up-tp-date
  • Using the security features
  • Risks of jailbreaking

Physical security

  • How attackers gain access
  • What they do when they're in the building
  • Malicious USB devices

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During our tendering, we found that Claranet (Sec-1) provided excellent responses to the questionnaire and also competitive pricing compared to other pen testing companies.

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