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Remote internal penetration testing

CREST approved infrastructure penetration testing by our world-leading cybersecurity experts. Fast, flexible and offsite, with no compromises.

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Executed quicker

Executed quicker

Allows your network infrastructure to be tested quickly, without logistical and geographical complications, lowering the cost.

Reducing the time taken to highlight where vulnerabilities exist within your systems that could provide unauthorised access or serve as an entry point into private areas of your network and sensitive data.

Giving you the option for easier, regular testing.

The approach

The approach

Delivering network infrastructure testing remotely through a secure virtual machine deployed on your network.

We use the same robust penetration methodology with no limitations in quality or coverage.

Our experienced penetration testers provide consultancy and advice before, during and following an assessment.

The Benefits

The benefits:

  • Faster turnaround
    No logistical or geographical limitations on availability of the right skillsets.
  • Greater flexibility
    More options to break assessments into sections for simultaneous delivery and faster completion.
  • Cost effective
    No travel delays or expenses
  • Simple deployment
    Easy set-up process.
  • Retesting
    Validation of remediation work to address vulnerabilities made practical and cost-effective

Our testing methodologies

We tailor penetration testing to your specific infrastructure and have developed robust yet flexible testing methodologies that will give you peace of mind.

  • Scoping and planning
  • Mapping and enumeration
  • Automated vulnerability identification
  • Manual vulnerability exploitation
  • Post exploitation evidence
  • Reporting
  • Debrief

Clear and concise follow-up reporting

All assessments are followed by a comprehensive report, with both non-technical and technical sections, alongside recommendations for remediation. This will pass through a Quality Assurance process and then sent directly to you.

The report includes:

  • Executive summary
  • Graphical summary vulnerabilities
  • Overview of vulnerabilities
  • Technical analysis
  • CVSS scoring and probability/impact ratings
  • Remediation advice

Our accreditations

Cyber essentials
ISO 27001
CEH Accreditation
CCISO Accreditation
CISSP Accreditation
CRISC Accreditation
OSCE Accreditation
OSCP Accreditation