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Business Broadband

High speed fibre broadband with business-grade service you can rely on

Broadband designed for business, managed by experts

Claranet offer a wide portfolio of Business Broadband services to match your needs. We advise on the optimal broadband service for each location, ensuring you get the service that fits your requirements.

Why choose Claranet for Business Broadband?

  • Expert advice included
  • UK support 24x7x365 included
  • Flexible options to match your need
  • You stay protected. Security built into the network

Business Broadband benefits

Business Benefit of choice


Get the optimal service for each location. We’re carrier agnostic

Business Benefit of compliance

Service quality

Direct access to the service you need. Experts since 1996

Business Benefit of focus


Allow your team to focus on growing business

Delivering applications and data to your distributed workforce

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Business Broadband overview

  • Available as Internet facing or as part of your private MPLS network
  • 24x7x365 UK support with proactive monitoring
  • ADSL, ADSL2+ and FTTC technology. IPv6
  • Up to 80Mbit/s download, 20Mbit/s upload speed
  • Unlimited data download
  • Managed router
  • Security built in. We continually monitor and protect our network


  • Enhanced monitoring
  • Choice of source carrier where applicable or requested
  • 3 levels of care packages offering expedited fault resolution process
  • Auto speed improvement at busy times with elevated best effort
  • Enhanced upload speed option with Annex M
  • On-site engineer installation
  • Backup: 3G or Broadband

How we work with you


Our experts can advise you on which of our broadband services is best suited to your business needs.


Working with Claranet removes the burden of project managing and carrying out the installation of your broadband services yourself, saving you time.


We take care of the ongoing 24x7 management and monitoring of your service including managing the router. However, you retain the control you need with access to around the clock UK support.


We work with you to ensure your service continually meets your needs.


  • What is Annex M?

    Annex M is an optional feature of ADSL 2+ which boosts the upload speed by trading off about 10%-15% of the download speed.

  • What is Elevated Best Effort?

    Elevated Best Effort improves speed during the busiest times on the network. Elevated traffic is given preferential weighting within the BRAS (Broadband Remote Access Server) which gives a higher IP throughput under congestion during busy times.

  • How does FTTC work?

    Similar to ADSL, Fibre-to-the-Cabinet (FTTC) is an asymmetrical next generation access service based on ADSL2 Technology. The service is provided by fibre from the serving exchange to the nearest street cabinet and then by copper cabling between the cabinet and customer premises. By reducing the length of copper cabling required to deliver the service, dramatic increases to both downstream and upstream speeds are achieved compared to the conventional all copper cabling used by ADSL. In order to receive a FTTC service an active analogue (PSTN) line with BT is required. If a BT PSTN line is not available, Claranet are able to deliver a new BT PSTN line as an additional service.

  • Why is IPv6 important?

    IPv6 was designed to succeed the existing IP addressing system of IPv4. Every device that connects to the internet requires a unique IP address. Under IPv4 the number of available addresses is running out. IPv6 resolves this issue by using a different addressing method that allows a greater number of addresses. IPv6 is set to become the standard addressing system of the internet, hence its' importance.