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Webinar: Through an Attacker's Eyes: Your Web Applications

Join the Webinar:. Wednesday 3rd June @ 12.00 pm BST.

Join NotSoSecure part of Claranet Cyber Security on their Advanced Web Hacking Webinar; Through an Attacker's Eyes: Your Web Applications.

Pen testing modern web applications poses its own unique set of challenges. Modern frameworks have added multiple protections and every application framework has its own quirks.

DevSecOps - What, Why and How?

Join the Webinar: Monday 27th April, 12:00 - 13:00pm BST

Join Rohit Salecha, Black Hat Trainer, and accredited Pen Tester, from NotSoSecure, to discuss how code gets shipped into a DevOps environment at a blazing speed, making it extremely difficult to address security at each new release.

In this webinar Rohit shall discuss how to address security issues by automating security in a DevOps environment to obtain a better level of assurance. Having a DevSecOps pipeline enables an organization to:

Application Security For Developers - Learning Defence by Offense

Join the Webinar: Tuesday 21st April,12:00 - 13:00pm BST

Join Rohit Salecha, Black Hat Trainer, and accredited Pen Tester, from NotSoSecure, discuss as web application vulnerabilities are on the rise, why it’s essential that developers are educated in response to the growing risk.

In this webinar, we look at the increasing need for application security and how developers can be trained to tackle these threats proactively. Rohit will provide:

The Secret of Cloud Cost Control - how to optimise your services and drive down unnecessary consumption

Join Liam Bennett, Claranet’s Cloud Technical Principal, and Sandy Simcox Head of Cloud Portfolio Management at Claranet, to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on our customers' cloud usage, accompanied by real-world examples of how you can quickly and safely save money now to help your organisation's bottom line when it needs it most. We'll discuss the importance of continual monitoring of your cloud infrastructure to keep cloud costs low and share some of the most common cloud cost management traps.

Using real-world examples, our technical leads will discuss:

Webinar: The Anatomy of a Cloud Hack

The Anatomy of a Cloud Hack
USA: 8.30 am PDT
USA: 11.30 am EDT
UK: 4.30 pm GMT

Presenter: Anthony Webb, Black Hat Trainer, and accredited Pen Tester

In the session, Anthony will explore recently publicized Cloud Security Breaches, accompanied by real-world examples of how available reconnaissance techniques and tools are leveraged by today’s unethical hackers to successfully uncover vulnerabilities, many of which can often be undetected by scanners. Click here to register

Webinar: Communication overload?

In this webinar Product Manager Steve Eveleigh explains why you should consider unified communications for your business and what to look out for to make sure its implementation is a success.

A successful unified communications project can have quite an impact on your business.

By ensuring your users have access to the best communication tools they are able to do their jobs better.

Webinar on SpiceworksTV: How to manage Infrastructure more efficiently

Flexibility and agility are becoming more and more important in today’s IT projects. We want to be able to provision servers within seconds and focus on the application itself. With the introduction of cloud technologies, it is now possible to use a single pane of glass to deploy a reliable and robust infrastructure without necessarily being an expert in storage, hypervisor, firewalls etc..

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